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Reimo offers a wide range with a large variety of variants for vans, panel vans, campervans, Multivan, Caravelle and other luxury vans. With the additional space thanks to a Reimo roof, your van can be turned into a real and spcaious camper. It not only creates additional sleeping space, but also makes standing in the campervan way more comfortable. The new standing height allows you to move upright inside the camper. Whether DIY pop top roof or high top roof, find here the perfect Reimo roof for your campervan conversion Please scroll down for further information about the DIY pop top roof, high top roof and pop up roof!

Top brands in this category:. The compact camper for almost any garage or underground car park. The pop top roof or sleep roof, is very convenient.

If the additional space is not needed and the camprvan pop top roof remains folded, the utility vehicle, which is equipped with a pop top roof, keeps its normal height.

Installing DIY Van Insulation

So you always have a compact van that fits in almost any garage or underground car park. Elevating roofs for campervans are available in the variants "front opening", so that one sleeps in the direction of travel, or "rear opening" which is advantageous for the use of a rear kitchen.

The pop top roof with installation in the rear, for example, the Reimo campervan MultiStyle is the ideal sleep roof, because you have enough headroom in front of the rear kitchen. At Reimo, the campervan pop top roof is traditionally called a "sleep roof", as a contrast to the pop up roof, which is not intended for sleeping. EasyFit roofs have an integrated reinforcement frame.

They are therefore particularly fast and easy to set up.

fibreglass van roof

Pop up camper roof, also called mushroom roof The pop up roof is a vertical roof of approx. With a pop up roof can be cooked comfortably on the kitchen part while standing. Campervan high top roof, rigid A campervan high top roof offers plenty of space, is easy to insulate, has space for storage cabinets and additional sleeping space and is therefore suitable for longer trips or colder regions.

The high roof, which is always fixed, provides more living space in the vehicle. In addition, it provides better insulation as well as more storage space, luggage space and more headroom. The high roof is therefore ideal for longer trips with more luggage or for travel to colder regions or colder seasons.Turn your Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter or Toyota Hi Ace standard height van into a high top roof with a fibreglass raised roof which is in keeping with the original shape and look so it is very hard to tell if it is an original or after market unit.

We supply the roof with tinted gelcoat to suit your van as close as possiblefitted with wiring for lights, solar panels and hood lining as well as many options at a reasonable cost, such as vents, air conditioners, also polycarbonate side windows to wind out opening windows with fly screens may be fitted. We can supply all appliances, fittings and equipment for motorhomes including solar equipment.

Complete Internal fit out and design for motor home conversion to your requirements including upholstery and canvas work. No more annoying opening and closing of sliding doors in the middle of the night. This replaces the sliding door with fibreglass panel and caravan style security door fitted with triple lock and fly screen, with a multi brush buffer seal to keep insects out. All you need to do is drop the vehicle off making the decisions on wiring and any other specific requests and it will be ready for pick up within 5 days in a clean and tidy state ready for your fit-out to begin.

High Top Campervan Conversion Turn your Mercedes Sprinter, VW Crafter or Toyota Hi Ace standard height van into a high top roof with a fibreglass raised roof which is in keeping with the original shape and look so it is very hard to tell if it is an original or after market unit.Most RV bodies are built mainly from fiberglass, a durable, lightweight material that will not rust like metal. RVs spend long hours on the road, and over time roof damage can occur. This requires a repair as soon as possible to avoid water damage inside the RV.

Fiberglass can be restored to its original strength using layers of reinforced fiberglass mat that's saturated with a catalyzed resin. When done properly, a repair will last as long as the surrounding fiberglass. Put on a respirator and safety glasses. Grind directly on the damage with a dye grinder until all the frayed and damaged material is ground smooth, forming a grove in the fiberglass.

Gradually taper the walls of the grove to give the repair a maximum amount of surface area to bond to. Clean the surface of the repair area with a rag and acetone. Remove all the dust and any other residue that may be on the surface. Tear the first layer of fiberglass mat so it will fit in the bottom of the grove in the damaged area.

Use as many layers as it takes to bring the damage back to its original thickness. Put on rubber gloves and add catalyst to a small bucket of resin, following the recommendations on the containers. Stir the catalyst into the resin thoroughly with a stir stick.

Wet out the surface of the grove with the resin mixture, using a 4-inch felt roller. Apply the smallest layer of mat to the grove first and saturate it with resin, using the felt roller. Remove any air bubbles that get trapped under the mat, using an air roller. Repeat this process for each layer until the repair is level with the surrounding fiberglass. Let the repair harden.

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Sand the surface of the repair smooth using grit sandpaper on a sanding block. Sand the repair until it's level and the edges blend in with the surrounding fiberglass.Since Conversion-Vans. We know how great it must seem as you envision all the additional space you'll have in your van after the roof is higher - but have you considered:. Safety - Most Raised Roofs are installed with sheet metal screws! If you roll you van Lets hope that never happens to any of usthe Hi-Top may come off quite easily.

Occupants may be ejected through the open hole. Vans are manufactured according to strict Federal Safety standards.

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You MUST cut the reinforced steel cross members to install the raised roof. Make sure your installer knows how to reinforce the sidewalls and top at the very least! Noise - Your van is going to "sound" much different with a raised roof. It is very important that the roof be properly designed airflow to reduce noise. Insulation - Insulation makes the roof quieter and the entire van more comfortable.

Unless you are merely looking for more room to haul your cargo - be sure to buy an insulated Hi Top. Additional capacity may be needed. Talk to your installer.

You may also want to consider purchasing a 3rd party air conditioner to run when the vehicle is stopped. Be sure your roof is designed to withstand the additional weight. Parking - We probably shouldn't have to mention this, but we will. Most Hi Top Vans don't fit in the garage! Some are so high they won't even fit under carports. Consider purchasing a cover or finding RV Storage.

You'll also need to watch out for Parking Garages, Trees, and other structures your van used to drive right under. You need scaffolding to reach the very top. And you need to apply a sealant UV Protector or wax seasonally. We know how difficult this can be, because we do it! Consider also the color of the top, white is best as it reflects the sun and is easier to maintain. Notes: There is very little demand for Van Tops sold direct to consumers.

For this reason many of the companies that used to offer them have stopped. Most companies are focusing on other fiberglass body parts. We can not guarantee that the companies listed below will sell direct to the consumer. You'll need to call and find out.

fibreglass van roof

These links were last verified as working in March Sorry we can not make the links below click-able because every time we do Google Penalizes our site for reasons they will not disclose and after nearly a dozen emails they still refuse to answer.It can be difficult and even dangerous trying to live out of a vehicle in cold climates.

However, with proper van insulation and heat management you can be comfortable in sub-freezing temperatures. If you want to keep your van as warm as possible throughout the winter, you will want to address all three types of heat transfer: radiation, conduction and convection. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, read our post on the three types of heat transfer. When building out your van, you want to resist heat conduction by insulating the ceiling, walls and floor with materials that have a high R-value.

Living in a vehicle is a unique situation.

How to Waterproof Anything With Fiberglass

In a perfect world, you can take the highest R-value materials, stack them a foot thick and hibernate in your van throughout the entire winter. Unfortunately, space constraints are a huge issue in the van world. Every extra inch of insulation on the walls is going to make your living area that much smaller.

Therefore, proper van insulation becomes a delicate balance between R-value, space, and expenses. R-value is measured per inch. This means if you stack a material to 2 inches thick, you get double the R-value!

Checkout the chart below for the R-values of some common materials:. Condensation is a big factor for vandwelling. Any case where the warm interior air touches a surface that is colder, moisture from the air will become a liquid. A prime example of this is moisture that builds up on the inside of windows when sitting in cold weather. There is an ongoing debate among vandwellers on whether it makes sense to seal off walls with a watertight material before adding insulation.

If moisture is allowed to build up within the walls of a van you may end up with mold or rust. The idea of a vapor barrier is to seal off the interior of the van and protect the walls and insulation from being exposed to any of the moisture that develops inside the van.

If there are any slits or gaps in the material, moisture can get behind the barrier and build up between the watertight surface and the wall. And in a vehicle, there are a lot of little areas and spots that can rub where moisture can enter. The entire body is full of holes for things like lights, trim pieces, wires, and manufacturing seams.

Installing DIY Van Insulation

The whole vehicle flexes around, you will be driving through the rain where your wheels can spray water from the underside. Vans have to serve more purposes than houses, so trying to add barriers can catch up with you. Proper ventilation is key to reducing condensation.The Idea was to find a low-mileage large van and make it into a standing-height, high-ceiling a work vehicle.

I couldn't see parting with K for a sprinter van, or similar.

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This could also work for a camper. Combine that with it's 60 miles away, so I decided to make my own. The idea was to make a frame, cover it with. Once fiberglassed, a filler was made with laminating resin, mixed with a thickening powder, called Q-Cell, to make a filler and a surfacing agent, to allow it to sand easier. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. The top is cut behind the 1st brace and about 4" above the gutter, per instructions received from the van top vendor. The seats are in front of the first brace, so you can't really stand up there anyway. This gives support and protection to the driver and passenger. I cut it using a combination of electric sheet metal shears and a cut-off wheel.

Fixed Tops

HF and The tubing was used. Plywood bent and glued would work just as well, as also would wooden clear without knots is best 2x2's with plywood gussets for the corners. Where the tubing met the body, the closet pole was fit to the body, then inserted into the tubing, and a sheet metal screw or two were used to lock it in. I made the first side, then the second side, to match.

Campervan Conversions

I was a little off 1" and if you look close you can see it. To hold the two sides, I made a 12" piece of panelling, cut to approx. After a couple of adjustments, the front and side panels were attached. It's a good idea to step back and look at things every so often and fix weird stuff sagging, crooked before it gets harder to fix. Braces 2 feet on center give you good nailing spaced when you go to panel the inside. The round corners posed an issue, but I either cut kerfs in the panelling or used spray foam to provide a rounded surface for finishing.

Fiberglass provides strength and waterproofing. The laminating resin makes it so you don't have to sand between coats, if it doesn't set several days, and makes it waterproof. You can buy matt and cloth sewn together, which would have probably been a better choice. It's stronger and only slightly heavier. There is an internet vender that has darn good prices, the local vendor was a twice as much.

I coated the top with laminating resin to seal and to provide a good base for the matt and cloth. After reinforcing the edges and joints, I sanded the rough spots and installed the cloth.Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled.

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